The Oaks Way Centre provides preventative care services for the elderly in the local community.

Our clients are referred to us from a variety of sources including family members, carers, GPs, Social Services, Age Concern and hospitals. Referrals may be to address loneliness and isolation, to add variety and interest to the life of the client or to provide respite for a carer.

Our activities are not only provided by our own in-house staff but also organised by a range of individual outside groups.

Attending the Centre gives all our clients something to look forward to and a reason to get up in the mornings. Each activity they engage in gives them a sense of achievement, makes them feel better about themselves, and enables friendships to be formed and continued.

Our focus is to support and sustain our clients living in their own homes independently, for a longer period of time and enduring a long happy and fulfilled life. The majority of our clients are 80 years plus and live in their own homes.

The Centre is a great place to have lunch and meet new friends… Do you know someone who might be lonely or feeling isolated? Why not come in for a tea or coffee, have a chat and see what we do? Contact Sally Martin on 0208 647 8990 for more information.


We have a full time Centre Manager, and a combination of full-time staff and volunteers.

Sally Martin
Centre Manager
Victor Jackson
Daniel Shaw
Activities Coordinator
Danielle Arnold
Care Worker Apprentice

The Centre has a number of dedicated volunteers of various ages, who feel that volunteering gives them the opportunity to give something back to the community and a real personal satisfaction of helping others. Here are just some of them that work so hard to make the Centre such a special place…

Volunteer Driver

And those clients that rely on it love our door to door assisted transport service, with our drivers and helpers who make the journey so enjoyable.

We recognise that training and development helps improve staff satisfaction by them learning new related skills. We invest and work very closely with others to provide training in all the necessary requirements, e.g. Food Hygiene and Health & Safety.

Management Structure

The Board of Trustees meet on a regular basis to review the management of the Centre and discuss various ways to further improve our services.  In addition, meetings are held with our external stakeholders and supporters to report back on how the Centre is performing.

The Board is committed to supporting our clients to maintain as healthy and active a life as possible, to assist with accessing support and information to manage their care needs, thereby reinforcing their ability to prolong independent living.

Peter McBride
Chair of Board of Trustees

The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Peter Mcbride, he has a long association of over 30 years with the Centre through his involvement of Wallington & Carshalton Round table and 41 Club.

Policies and Procedures

Like all quality care organisations, we have established and comprehensive governance procudures and policies that we adhere to. These are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they stay ‘live’ and applicable.





The Oaks Way Seniors Centre was formally opened in 1968 as the South Carshalton Day Centre by Wallington & Carshalton Round Table after a number of years of fundraising by them including the proceeds of their annual  Fireworks display in Carshalton Park.

The Charity” South Carshalton Day Centre” was established under the stewardship of a number of voluntary organisations within the Borough providing services to local elderly clients on a daily basis including lunch, refreshments and recreational facilities.

Volunteers were led by managers Mrs Edith Rann MBE and Mrs Jean Bartlett until 2000 when they retired and a succession of professional Managers followed. Transport was provided by Carshalton Association For the Elderly (CAFE) until a couple of years ago when Sutton Community Transport took over the contract.

The Centre has gone from strength to strength over the past 50 years with the original premises having been extended to its present size.  It is managed by a team of 3 people who oversee a number of volunteers.