A typical day at the Centre

Every morning our minibus will collect our clients that require transport and bring them in to the Centre. On arrival they will receive a light breakfast this could be a yogurt, fruit, a small baguette a pastry or a biscuit. Our chef will provide a three course lunch which will consist of soup to start, a traditional lunch and a dessert. Afternoon tea will also be served, this will be tea or coffee with a piece of cake or biscuit.

We have a range of activities throughout the day, this could be something like bingo hangman play your cards right guess the picture. Such games can be played as a group or as one to one. The care team are very engaging and we play lots of music and frequently have karaoke and sing–a-longs. Many of our clients like to get up and dance and the staff will always engage in this type of activity. At the end of the day the minibus will take our clients who require transport home, ensuring that they get safely back into their homes.

The centre has a nice family feel and we see ourselves as our clients extended family.

Themed events – include special occasions from birthdays to national days where staff will dress up to represent that day. Check out our gallery and have a look at the photos.

Community activities –occasionally we have children from local schools visit the centre e.g. to sing carols at Christmas.

We have recently had a promotional video filmed to showcase what it is we do here at the centre on a day to day basis. You can now watch the full video below. We hope you enjoy.

In the video you will have seen that we have a sensory room. This room has been created to provide a safe and relaxed environment. The activity board and blankets can help improve skills such as hand-eye coordination. The bubble tube and the fish tank is soothing to watch with the mesmerising movement and changes in soft colours which is very relaxing. We also can provide doll and pet therapy, clients may find that they get enjoyment from holding or simply being with a doll or soft toy animal, such as a cat or dog. It might remind them of a time when they had young children or a pet of their own or simply create pleasant feelings of reminiscence or affection.

The Centre provides a number of services. These services can help clients to take care of themselves and others may avoid an escalation of health issues or contribute to early detection. Many of the services offered can help clients who have been isolated to regain their confidence in going out and meeting people and a reason to get up and out the morning. These services include:

  • Hairdressing – Elaine visits us twice a week and provides everything that you would expect from a high street salon
  • Exercise classes – Janet visits us once a week delivering both standing and chair-based exercises so that mobility does not limit those able to take part.
  • Chiropodist – Jamie visits every 6- 8 weeks and provides a professional footcare service.

( these services are not being offered at the moment due to the Covid19 guidelines but they will hopefully start again in the near future )


We can offer advice or arrange support to families who need sign posting to other services.