The Charity

The Oaks Way Centre is run by a charity called South Carshalton Seniors Centre more information about which can be obtained from the Charity Commission under its registration number 1182828.

How we started

The local Round Table (Wallington & Carshalton Round Table no.166) has been in existence since 1948 and since the mid 1950’s has run an annual fundraising fireworks event in Carshalton Park. All the profits from the event have always been invested back into good causes in the local community. By the 1960’s the event had become more popular and the monies raised increased to the extent that Round Table wanted to invest in a project that had bigger impact in the community. The project that they chose was to build an Adult Day Centre which over a period of 50 years has become what we now know as the Oaks Way Centre.

It was and is the biggest project that the local Round Table club has ever undertaken, it took a number of years to complete and a substantial amount of funds were raised. The Centre was completed and opened in 1968 and in those early days was run by Volunteers lead by two remarkable ladies. Mrs Edith Rann MBE and Mrs Jean Bartlett stayed with the Centre until their retirement in 2000.

We are most fortunate that the Round Table are still heavily involved in their project. Several of our Trustees are still involved in the club or connected in some way or another with that organisation. We are still often in receipt of donations from them which allows us to continue developing the services of the Centre.

Vulnerable Adult Day Care has changed in the way it is delivered. For many years, the Centre received funding from the local borough, however in 2016 that funding was withdrawn. Nowadays the Centre must stand and be measured by the quality of the service that it provides to the vulnerable in our community. We believe we have a reptation of delivery of quality valued service.

Policies and Procedures

Like all quality care organisations, we have established comprehensive governance procedures and policies that we adhere to. These are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they stay ‘live’ and applicable.